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Codacy has a badge mechanism that can be included in your Readme file. It gives you an idea of the grade of your repository, from A to F, but sometimes that’s just not enough.

Fortunately, the new Codacy V3 API gives us a lot of new endpoints with useful information.

Todos as manhãs, enquanto bebo o meu café, tenho por hábito passar os olhos pelas “gordas” dos jornais e ler os artigos que me parecem mais interessantes. Magneticamente, a capa do I[gnóbil?] prendeu o meu olhar e não consegui avançar.

Fui ler a entrevista. Susana Peralta, economista, desenhou toda uma narrativa onde a “minoria privilegiada” se deve sentir culpado pelo seu “privilégio”.

I’ve been working with different MicroK8s instances a lot in the last months. Microk8s, from my point of view, it’s the absolutely perfect abstraction for deploying Kubernetes applications on a “non-cluster” environment.

Although I’m an happy user, there’s a constant pain point that I keep hitting: custom hosts. MicroK8s resolves the domains using the Google DNS (, and this means that if you need to reach some custom host from inside a pod, you can’t! Well, actually you can! How? Let’s do it!

First, edit the ConfigMap of the coredns using the following command:

kubectl -n kube-system edit configmap/coredns

Git is, or is becoming, the de facto standard for code versioning. Following this, it’s only natural that people start migrating from their current platforms into others like GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket. I hope this post helps you perform that endeavor while keeping your valuable historical data. This example is based on a migration from TFS to GitHub but it can be replicated for whatever Git provider you choose.

The migration will consist of three simple steps: Clone, Clean and Push.

I’ve created a small test TFS repo on Azure DevOps, added a file and updated that file, as you…

Monorepo is a (good|bad) strategy? To be honest, I don’t care. But I realized I often use it when I’m developing NodeJS+React projects.

There are always two main concerns when I perform automatic Static Code Analysis on a monorepo: coverage and code patterns.

Regarding Coverage, the answer is pretty easy: Codacy allows partial reports for both backend and frontend. It’s documented here and goes a bit like this:

➜  ~ codacy-coverage-reporter report -l javascript -r server_report.xml --partial➜  ~ codacy-coverage-reporter report -l javascript -r client_report.xml --partial➜  ~ codacy-coverage-reporter final

In the Code Patterns chapter, it will always depend on…

Technical debt exists and probably exists on projects you are working on.

“On a project of mine, you say? This would never happen to me!”. I know, it never happens to us, right? Well… denial is not a river in Egypt!

In my professional life I can think of dozens of examples, but there’s a particular one that I really like to tell you about:

I travelled to a foreign country with the main purpose to discuss some requirements, but the tide changed and the meeting ended up with the customer saying something like “we need to see the app…

If you belong to the development world, for sure you have heard about Static Code Analysis tools. The best is, of course, Codacy (yes, I’m a Solutions Engineer there 😇).

Codacy offers a CLI tool that performs analysis on the code before commiting. The tool is pretty well documented but I’ve seen some people struggling to make it run on Windows environments, so here’s a little tutorial for that.

Step 1 — The Pledge (Pre-Requisites)

The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it…

Endgame is, probably, the movie of a generation (No Spoilers)

Since the snap that the “Avengers 4” became the most wanted movie for all comic book fans. The promise of closure and the curiosity about who would get back or not drove to an endless number, probably over fourteen million, of theories. As any regular Joe on the internet, I hate spoilers and I’ll try to not deliver any one during this post.

Avengers Oficial Trailer

The secrets of the movie were kept perfectly in the trailers. They unraveled no more than the first fifteen to twenty minutes and, even…

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